Whether buying land, building a home, or planning a mixed-use project, attention to detail is what renders a successful project. Achieving a desired, well-designed result, on time and on budget. That is where Sveta Ravia applies an end-to-end strategy, combining expert know-how with hands-on management.


“Over the years, I’ve encountered numerous investors, property owners and entrepreneurs who have bought and overinvested in properties and in construction, making their projects unprofitable, not running on budget or on schedule, while continuing to pay rent and mortgage. This is when I decided to offer a 360 service model allowing my clients to control every part of the process.”

–Sveta Ravia


Having developed a multifaceted perspective as chief architect and associate at leading firms, Sveta Ravia pioneers combining of interdisciplinary real estate know-how and architectural expertise with project planning and management. Closely accompanying real estate entrepreneurs and investors as well as property owners, Sveta efficiently guides projects to successful completion.

Sveta is a US trained registered Architect and carries a B.Arch. degree from The Cooper Union and M.Arch. degree from Columbia University. She is a lecturer at the Bezalel Academy and is closely involved with numerous Architectural Associations.


Sveta Ravia guides clients through the pre-purchase and post-purchase phases of developing, purchasing, selling or upgrading property. The fully customized process ranges from a single service to turnkey projects, and is carried out according to a personally-tailored strategy.


Defining comprehensive tools that are appropriate for your asset or real estate portfolio, based on personal requirements, needs and budget.

Identifying and setting project goals and the most effective methods for successfully attaining them, as well as creating a clear action plan based on market research and development strategy.

Based on your unique investment criteria as well as up-to-date market knowledge and a vast professional network, a customized property portfolio of suitable properties and initial market analysis will be personally tailored.

Cross-sectioning all relevant factors, such as taxation, costs, zoning and architectural analysis, providing an in-depth understanding of the property, enhancing knowledgeable, fact-based decision making.

Property due diligence provides accurate risk assessment through physical review and legal examinations, as well as historical comparisons to the local market.



Selecting the best team for the project and managing them throughout the design, planning and construction phases to ensure collaborative teamwork that leverages their combined skills.

Planning, coordinating and managing the architectural design process, while providing a comprehensive technical support, ranging from interior design and space planning to external composition.

Recommending various strategies to maximize potential and create a revaluation of your property via a change in its zoning or in its appeal for future buyers, while managing the permitting process on every level.

Developing accurate resource and timescale estimation, through various parameters such as effort estimate and project schedule, in order to foresee challenges, avoid delays and budget overruns.

Providing a fully customized turnkey solution through planning, construction, and marketing of residential and mixed use projects, while micromanaging the entire process to ensure superb results.